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Onsite Training & Installation Day

Reactec provides training to ensure that all aspects of our system is installed, managed and supported so a company can gain the maximum benefit and return on investment.

The Reactec training day includes training for operators, supervisors and managers.  



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Training Agenda

The agenda is intended purely as a guide, times may vary slightly dependent on audience size.

Module 1 – Reactec Analytics Platform Overview:

The presentation consists of HAVs awareness, what the UK HSE Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 stipulations and recommendations are, a brief overview of how the system works and an introduction to the Analytics Reports.

Attendees: Operators/Supervisors/Managers

Duration: 1 Hour

Module 2 – Introduction to HAVwear and Docking Station

An introduction to HAVwear and Docking Station.  This will consist of how to sign out  HAVwear, HAVwear display information including audible and sensory exposure level threshold alerts.  Features and admin functions of the Docking Station.  Management of HAVwear and the Docking Station will also be covered.

Attendees: Operators and Supervisor

Duration: 1 hour

 Module 3 – Card & Programming (if required):

An introduction to the Tool Tag and Operator ID Card programming device.  This will consist of set up, requirements for programming tags and cards, access to the Vibration Database, creating tool tag and Operator ID Card spreadsheets and the actual programming of tool tags and cards.

Attendees: Tool Tag and Swipe Card Programmer

Duration: 1 hour

Module 4 – Installation of  HAVwear Tool Tag:

Process of tool preparation and fixing tags to the to fix tags to the tools correctly.  A selection of tools are required to be made available on the the day for demonstration purposes.

Attendees:  Tool Tag Fitter/Supervisor

Duration:  10 mins

Module 5 – Reactec Analytics Reports Training:

An introduction to the Analytics Reports. This will consist of first time customer access, setting up of group structure and filters, creating additional users, Docking Station and operator settings, data assignment, reports navigation, reviewing reports and how to schedule reports and alerts.

Attendees: Supervisors, Management, Software Administrators and Report Users Resource:

Duration: 2 hours