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15 Person SAFE-DISTANCE Bundle

Our SAFE-DISTANCE application was developed in response to COVID19 and offers a wearable proximity alarm with fully-integrated, cloud based data management for GDPR-compliant contract tracing in the workplace.

The SAFE-DISTANCE bundle incorporates all hardware, software, DAAS and accessories you will require to help keep employees safe in the workplace and your business open.


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HAVwear × 15

A watch is assigned to individuals on a daily basis allowing the units to be used by multiple at risk employees.

SAFE-DISTANCE Quarterly DaaS Charge × 15

A renewable quarterly subscription for unlimited access to Social Distance exposure data based on number of HAVwear purchased.

15 Bay Docking Station

Docking Stations are required to charge the watches and download data to the Analytics Reports.

HAVwear Silicone Wrist Strap (Pack of 10) × 2

Personal issue HAVwear Wrist Strap.

Sold in packs of 10.

HAVwear Holder (Pack of 10) × 2

Personal Issue HAVwear Holder, Sold in packsĀ of 10.

Personnel RFID ID Card (Pack of 10) × 3

Access Control Card.

Sold in packs of 10.

RFID Read/Writer

Required to program Personnel RFID ID Cards.


Download the Spec Sheet here