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45 Person HAV Management & SAFE-DISTANCE Bundle

Our unique and practical wearable technology can be adopted to help your team assess and manage vibration exposure risk AND your social distancing requirements.  Our wearable technology has the full operating capacity to apply both our HAV Management and SAFE-DISTANCE technology.

When monitoring HAV exposure, Reactec simplifies and automates the gathering of HAV exposure data to remove the guess work in risk reduction, easing compliance with HSE guidance. More than a tool timer, the wearable technology provides real tool-use vibration data, which, supported with intuitive online analytics, empowers your compliance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005

Our SAFE-DISTANCE technology was developed in response to COVID19 and offers a wearable proximity alarm with fully-integrated, cloud based data management for GDPR-compliant contract tracing in the workplace.


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HAVwear Module × 45

HAVwear is an easy-to-use device that monitors HAV exposure over the duration of an operator's shift.

HAVwear Annual DAAS Charge × 45

A renewable annual subscription for unlimited access to HAVwear exposure data based on number of HAVwear purchased.

15 Bay Docking Station × 3

Docking Stations are required to charge HAVwear and download data to the Analytics Reports

HAVwear Holder (Pack of 10) × 5

Personal Issue HAVwear Holder, Sold in packs of 10.

HAVWear Wrist Strap - Long (Pack of 10) × 5

The wrist strap is used with the HAVWEAR holder to secure the HAVWEAR module to the wrist. The wrist strap is fastened with velcro and is provided in three sizes - Short, Long and Extra Long.

Personnel RFID ID Card (Pack of 10) × 5

Access Control Card.

Sold in packs of 10.

HAVwear Tool Tag (Pack of 50) × 2

Please note: Prices apply to UK purchases only.

HAVwear Tags are small, self-adhesive robust components that are attached to all monitored vibrating equipment.

HAVwear Tags contain tool-specific data which is read by the HAVwear monitor using RFID communication. Ultimately customers will be responsible for deciding if any information is to be displayed on the HAVwear tag. Reactec would recommend the following be displayed

  • Manufacturers model number for the tool
  • Customer’s asset number for the tool
  • Tool vibration level programmed

RFID Read/Writer

Required to program Personnel RFID ID Cards.

Online Installation Training

2 hour online training with one of our experts

Online Analytics Training

2 hour online training with one of our experts.


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