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HAVwear Wrist Strap – Short (Pack of 10)

The wrist strap is used with the HAVWEAR holder to secure the HAVWEAR module to the wrist. The wrist strap is fastened with velcro and is provided in three sizes – Short (230mm), Long (280mm) and Extra Long (325mm).

You the customer are solely responsible for assessing the suitability of your operating environment for safe and proper use of the equipment on these pages.  In particular, consideration should be given to the type of strap selected.

The standard wrist strap is made from nylon webbing and is not impermeable to ingress of fluids, dirt and other contaminants and as such should be assessed for suitability prior to introduction into the work place. The wrist strap is personal to the individual operator and should always be subject to appropriate occupational hygiene procedures regarding cleaning and replacement.

The standard nylon velcro wrist strap is not suitable for hot work unless fully covered by appropriate gauntlets.

It is also not suitable for environments where there is a requirement for quick-release mechanisms for operator safety.  Reactec offer a quick-release strap which may be more appropriate.

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