RFID Reader/Writer

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As part of our ongoing development program we have updated our platform to utilise RFID technology.

This new technology allows customers to program and re-program both Tool Tags and Employee Cards.

Instead of using Reactec swipe cards, customers now have the option to use RFID cards, and many other commonly used identity cards which include the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card. Workers can now use their CSCS cards to sign out a HAVMETER even when working across multiple employers and projects simultaneously which may have different occupational health policies requiring different exposure thresholds from each.  The individuals exposure thresholds as programmed by an employer on the card is encrypted and accessible only by that employer. By simply placing the card onto a Basestation the employee can collect a HAVmeter for that shift personalised with their exposure thresholds.

Reactec provide a free of charge software application to enable employers to program the RFID cards and tool tags via a standard RFID read/writer to input or edit their employee’s exposure thresholds into the cards and tool data into the tags..

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