Reactec Analytics Reports - annual subscription per monitoring device

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NOTE: The cost is per HAVMETER or HAVWEAR device used within the Reactec Analytics Platform and is for an annual subscription. Prices apply to UK purchases only.

Easy access to clear & comprehensive online reports;

Management reports to develop risk reduction plans. Review higher risk operators, tool use and work practises. Tools most exposing workers to HAV and real-time tool vibration to identify poor performing tools or tool use. Also track tool utilisation to support a pro-active maintenance schedule.
Daily protection reports of operators daily exposure levels, tool usage and work sharing activity with supervisor rapid intervention alerts and reports.
Exposure trend reports to review the impact of risk reduction activity of an operator, tool type, project, department or company.
  • Daily data backup.
  • Secure data hosting and employee access.
  • Internet enabled PC or tablet to access reports.
  • Data and reports hosted by Reactec.