The HAVRISK Kit includes a straight forward risk assessment guide so all activity and notes can be compiled to meet HSE guidance. The standard kit includes four wrist worn monitors to calculate and display daily HSE exposure points and required accessories. Automated next day exposure data is emailed directly to give granularity of employee exposure and tools used when assessing activities. As well as providing exposure data in compliance with HSE guidance the HAVwear provides additional data to highlight levels of risk which could otherwise remain undetected, via the innovative determination of the vibration transmitted to the tool user during real-tool use.

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3 easy steps to order
STEP 1. Select below the HAVRISK Kit. 
STEP 2. Enter up to 3 recipient email addresses to receive data exposure reports 
STEP 3. Once pre-ordered  Reactec will contact you to confirm which 10 tools tags are required (these are to be selected from a list of tools shown in the HAVRISK Kit below).

NOTE. Only select 1 HAVRISK Kit per purchase

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