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We call it Prevention Engineering

Approaching old risks in a new way using an eco-system of workplace wearables and cloud-based analytics. Armed with reliable data about what’s happening on the ground you can refine your methods and tailor controls faster. Actively protect the health and wellbeing of your workers by engineering out risk.

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Alex Thackeray

Contracts Supervisor, George Beattie & Sons

SAFE-DISTANCE is a great bit of kit. The fact that the watches also monitor HAVS is a plus, meaning the watches still have a purpose once social distance is eliminated. We can't wait to put ours to use.

Andy Patterson, Engineer

Sir Robert McAlpine / Design, Build, Finance & Operate (DBFO)

It made tangible an invisible risk and helped us immediately refine and better design our measure of controls. Overall we have already seen a drop in exposure since we deployed the Reactec Analytics Platform a few months ago. What is incredibly useful is that the HAVWEAR also senses the wearers’ vibration exposure during actual tool use which we can view online in the Analytics reports. This extra layer of information allows us to check for unexpected levels of exposure. It may also help with future training of operators by assessing their technique which can have a huge impact on exposure levels.

Tim Witham

Manager, Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company

The system has exceeded our expectations and allowed us to confidently know the perceived and actual risk of Hand Arm Vibration exposure to our staff. The reporting suite is clear, dynamic and responsive, the customer service has been, so far, exemplary and the product has withstood some scrutiny from our peers and from a visit by the HSE.

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